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As we are aware of the fact that people have started watching the Turkish series (which are based on true historical facts) a lot. Dirilis Ertugrul was the first of all which attracted the audience from the whole world. After that, Turkish Media started working on more historical series like Kurulus Osman, Great Seljuks, Yunus Emre, Mehmetcik Kutul Amare, and Mehmed Fateh, etc. Our group provided English and Urdu translations for all the mentioned series and which was appreciated by the whole world.

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We bear the expenses for our audience which was nothing in comparison to the audience response. Thousands of people visited our platform to watch all the Turkish series in English and Urdu Subtitles, to read about the history of all the great actors performing in those series, to read about the history of all the empires and the battles.

Advertise With Us for Promoting your Business

Now, we want some sponsors for our translation, or we will provide the Ad Space (Banner Ads, Video Ads etc) for their promotion. Here is the detailed analytics report on our website.

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And it is increasing very rapidly. Another plus point is that a lot of new Turkish Historical Series are also coming soon which includes Hayreddin Barbarossa (Starring Engin Altan from Dirilis Ertugrul), Yavuz Sultan Salim (Starring Cengiz Coskun from Dirilis Ertugrul), and Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror (By Mehmet Bozdag), etc. This means a lot of people will visit our website for all these series.

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