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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 16 Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 16, The ships are sinking, Reis. Allah-u Akbar! I wish there was a chronicle. So he could tell about our glorious war. There are many martyrs, witnesses and veterans. Someone will tell about this war for sure. Surely future generations will be aware of this victory. With Allah’s consent, and your plan, we sank the vanguard ship Reis. But a huge fleet coming from behind. We are going back! -Go back! Come on events! We are going back -To the ropes! Come on! Come on, to the sails! Come on! Hurry They sank the leading ship.

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They skipped the cannonballs like stones on the sea. How did that happen? We are not only facing an enemy. but also a genius. But when I defeat him. I will write my name in history with golden letters. It’s time to eat. Start the preparations. Come with me. You sent news to Barbarossa and saved him. What are you going to do next time? Then I’ll find another way. Aunt. Come here. What happened? -Aunt. I feel deeply sorry, aunt. I regret everything I have done. I cannot forget the torment and our oppression over the family of the deceased man. I will talk to them.

I will ask for forgiveness. Did you just remember that? Do not start a mess now! You should also ask for forgiveness, aunt! What are you saying? Huh? Who am I going to ask forgiveness from And why because I hid the mistakes you made? Everything happened because of you did what you asked for! Now I don’t have Kemankesh Pasha, my happiness and my joy made me stumble over and over again you will ask for forgiveness from me and his family! Pull yourself together! And do not ever forget your manners again what is happening here? How dare you slap my daughter?

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Ask what happened and why I slapped her. to your murderer lighter, brother. You were right about Doria’s treacherous move. That dog is neither on Pargali’s side. nor changed his side. A traitor is always a traitor, Reis. When we capture those traitors. we know what to do to them, Reis. What are we going to say to our Hunkar, Hayreddin Reis? I told him what I needed to say before I set out. My Padishah, I do not trust that demon Doria now. But the demon who Pargal Ibrahim Pasha trusts. will be our enemy forever. We have knowledge about what Ibrahim Pasha is. doing, but we also have something on our minds.

You will just be careful and wary, Hayreddin Reis. We do not care about money or gold in our politics. Our desire is to fly the banner of Islam in all lands. What’s your order my Sultan? You will conquer that castle with Allah’s permission. And you will place our sanjak there. After you get your sword’s ght, you will make the biggest church a mosque. You will not oppress the non-Muslim people. You will respect their freedom of religion. We’ll be their protector. May Allah help you. As you say my Sultan. I don’t trust both that dog Doria and Pargali Ibrahim. Doria set us in a trap.

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Watch or Download Barbaros Hayreddin Episode with English Subtitles & Barbaros Hayreddin Episode with Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost. Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 16 release date is 5th May 2023.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 16 English Subtitles

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