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In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 17, They are in deep sleep, Reis. When the effect of smoke wears off, they will wake up. Lock them both in separate rooms. Find me the fortress commander. Alright, Reis. Didn’t I trust you and give you my seal of grandeur? How long have you been able to break my command? How can you work with someone I call a traitor? I punished him. I did! Accepted Ibrahim Pasha! You do not trust my justice? Or the state’s justice? Or do you think I am a deranged person separate from the state? Grand Vizier Pasha Silence! You have already talked enough. I only made an effort to correct a wrong judgment, my pasha.

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Your murder is obligatory for the state Gypsy Chief. If you have anything to say to Gypsy Chief, tell him. Then follow me, Pasha.As you say Grand Vizier Pasha.You are tiring yourself for no reason, Ayaz Pasha. What do you mean? The one who is commanding is not an ordinary person. I came here knowing this. I am here to be a martyr by the grace of Allah. May Allah accept your martyrdom. However, did you love Celebi that much? I love Celebi and my country so much. I do not want Celebi, who deliberately fell victim to arrogance, to be called a traitor I trust you. I trust you. Allah will reward your sincerity, son.

Where is the map? Try it please’ Where is the map? Light? Light What light? Please try harder! What light? Please try harder! My daughter Maria knows What kind of person you are? How can you do this? How can you kill your father? We are leaving! I’m not going anywhere! Don’t make this harder than it is. Where are you going to take her? Hayreddin Reis’ order.We are going now1 Walk! I said what I would say to Gypsy Chief, my Pasha. If you have no orders for me, I would like to leave. The reason why I accept you in my presence is because I am a witness. To what my Pasha?

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Whatever you order I am obliged to obey the order, my Pasha. I’ll hear whatever you want me to hear. Bring it. Stop! Give it to Ayaz Pasha. Let him read so we can see who he trusts or a traitor. Read it, Pasha. Why do you stop? My Pasha, I better not. Read it! My birth name is Ramazan. you know me as Figani. When I was a wanderer I became a student of Doctor Shah Mehmed. I lived in such an era that.. may Allah grant the believers and the state ..Islam and this era.My Grand Vizier Pasha. I better not continue Read it! Continue. May He grant us with many Bakis.

May He not let me be separated from the path of Defterdar Iskender Celebi, who protects and watches over me raised by our state, and the only one of our Sultan. Because he was an honest man who loved his state. Stop! Who wrote this? I don’t know, my Pasha. I may not read the rest if you like. Continue, Pasha. When it comes to me. I heard that there was a poem you wrote.Du Ibrahim amed bedeyri cihan Yeki butsiken sod yeki biitnisan.This was said by everyone. Two Ibrahims came to the temple of the world one destroyed the idols, and the other one had them returned. I am one of them.

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Watch or Download Barbaros Hayreddin Episode with English Subtitles & Barbaros Hayreddin Episode with Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost. Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 17 release date is 12th May 2023.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 17 English Subtitles

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