Battle of Ain Jalut | Historic Defeat of the Mongols


Historic Defeat of Mongols


It was the law of forest, that the powerful tribe took the animals and women of the weak tribes. For them, to kill each other was very common. These brutal tribes living a life of nomads were called as Tatars. Then, at that time a person raised among them who established a new kingdom by uniting the uncivilized and ignorant tribes who were unfamiliar to the law and Kingdom. This person was called Genghis Khan.

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When this nation living on dry meat and milk came out of Mongolia, it ruined every kingdom coming in front of them. In the battlefield, when they became thirsty they killed their horses with a dagger and quenched their thirst with the blood of horses. Genghis Khan had started the series of victories and after his death, his grandson Hulagu Khan continued his victories. These uncivilized, brutal, inhumane and the rulers who made minarets with human skulls had plagued the world with destruction. The thirteenth-century was the age of troubles and difficulties usually for the large part of Asia and especially for the Muslims.

Mongols Destruction

In this century, a horde of Tatarians came out of the voided deserts of Mongolia. In the leadership of Genghis Khan, they destroyed the world. Muslims made large centers of knowledge and civilization in seven centuries. These centers were situated in these regions. Their libraries were destroyed. Their wealth was looted. Tartarians emerged near the Pacific ocean and by killing and destroying the people, reached to the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. No one could stop this destruction. After destroying Syria, the horde turned towards the West. It seemed clear that this obsessive horde would reach towards the Atlantic Ocean by passing through North Africa. Egypt’s condition was not good at that time. They did not even have their own army who could encounter Tartarians but when Nature has to take a decision,  It produces a suitable man for them.

In Naval countries, a person Saif-ad-Din Qutuz get the title of Al-Mulk Al Muzaffar and took the power of government in his hands. The commander of Tatar’s book store sent a letter to the leader of Egypt. He wrote in this letter that,

“we had destroyed the whole world. We orphaned the children. We punished and killed the people. We destroyed the honors of their heads. Then did you think that you could run away? Be careful. Otherwise, you will be regretted. We never had mercy on tears. Where will you run away? We will reach you back. And no one will give you shelter .”

صورة تمثال سيف الدين قطز crop
Qutuz Bust

When Qutuz read this letter, then he advised his intelligent commander Amir Bibras. They made a better plan together so that they could encourage people. They had decided that whether the result would be, they would fight with the army of Hulagu Khan. Therefore, he killed the messenger of Hulagu Khan. So that there was no demand for peace and hanged their dead bodies in his Capital. He warned his army and people that there is no option left other than to fight against Hulagu Khan. You knew that Hulagu Khan is a very brutal and unjust man. I have killed his messenger and now either die life of dishonor or fight with courage. If you will fight with courage then it is not impossible to defeat the army of Hulagu Khan.

Battle of Ain Jalut

In September 1260 CE, Saif-ad-Din with his army moved towards Syria so that he could stop the enemies outside his castle. Qutuz ordered his army to fight ahead of the invaders. He also sent his troops towards Palestine in the leadership of Bibras who engaged some of the troops of Tatarians there and defeated them. The army of Qutuz in his leadership proceeded towards the shore of Palestine. When the central Muslim army approached near to army of the enemies then Qutuz selected battlefield which was in the valley and surrounded by mountains. He deployed some of his soldiers on mountains so that if Tatarians attacked from the backside, then they could defend it.300px Campaign of the Battle of Ain Jalut 1260.svg

Finally, Tatarian reached in the battlefield of Galilee. When the war started the balance seemed to bend towards the Tatarian’s army. Tatarian’s army began to overcome the Muslim army. Muslim army began to retreat. Tatarian troops thought that the Muslim army had run away but it was a warrior trick. Some Muslim army attacked from the backside and some invaded from left-right sides. In this way, the retreated Muslim army also returned back to the battlefield and surrounded the Tatarians from all sides and after some time, Tatarian troops distracted and their large number of the army was killed and arrested. The leader of Tatarians was also killed and his son was arrested. No even a single troop of the Tatarian army could flee because some Tatarians who run away was caught and killed in Syria.


When the news of the marvelous victory reached Damascus and neighborhood cities then Muslims dedicated happiness and joy and they demonstrated their glory and majesty in the whole world.