Battle of Hattin | Conquest of Sultan Salah ad-Din Ayubi | Conquest of Jerusalem


Conquest of Sultan Salah ad-Din Ayubi


Crusades are the universal incidents of human history. The whole world suffered from the Worldwide war which lasts for two years. In these two years, such wars happened that almost destroyed the whole world. They also had a conflict of civilizations. Nations had disintegration among them. The whole Muslim world clashed with the Christian nation and due to this disintegration the upcoming world has changed. West made a collation for this war and the Byzantine Empire was one of the parts of this collation.

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It could be seen in many previous years, that Muslims had defeated the Byzantine Empire. Because they knew that they could not encounter the Muslims alone. In the Battle of Manzikert,  Sultan Alp Arslan had also defeated the Byzantine Empire and the Byzantine emperor himself was arrested by the Muslims. Since then they were humiliated and abased in the whole world. When Muslims made Koneya it’s Center, they were feeling the fear that the Muslims will proceed slowly towards Istanbul. If Muslims conquered Constantinople, it would be the death of the Byzantine Empire. Due to this fear, the Byzantine Empire began to wail in the whole Christian world that Christianity is in danger and they should be gathered to protect them.


For the Byzantines, the sole purpose of the Christian’s help was to kick out the Muslims from their East provinces. Also, they could remove the Muslims from the regions where the Seljuks had occupied and could secure their Eastern borders. But the Byzantine emperor did not estimate that the war they were going to start will shed the blood of 1.5 crore people for at least two years.

In Eastern Europe, the Byzantine Empire had its own purposes but western Europe was also defeated by the Muslims. This was the reason that the Christian world was burning in the rage of furious and anger. When Byzantine emperor came to know that the Christians of western Europe were severely furious at Muslims. So he made friendly relationships to them and requested them to come to Constantinople so that could enter Muslim’s territories through it.

Jerusalem is the holy place for all Muslims, Christians and Jewish because of the Al-Aqsa Mosque (Masjid-e-Aqsa) for Muslims, Bethlehem for Christian. And Jews believed that once Hazrat Suleiman (R.A)  had made a worship place where the Al-Aqsa Mosque is situated. These people know it as the name of the “ Solomon’s Temple.

Jews are always in the desire that they will martyr Al-Aqsa Mosque and would establish the temple of Suleiman in place of that. They wanted to set the same old Israeli state in Palestine. When the Jews saw that the whole Christian world is ready to fight against Muslims. Their evil and extremist minds took advantage of this opportunity in order to take back the Bait-Ul-Muqaddas and to establish a Jewish state. They would never miss such a chance to destroy the Muslims.

In today’s world, you see the Israeli state which the western Christians had made and consigned it to Israel. Its first attempt was taken in the First Crusade. For this purpose,  Jewish sent his strong-armed forces ahead which was called as the temples of knights and Hop allowed his crusaders, knights and all his dominions to destroy and kill the Muslims in any way until they took back Bait-Al-Muqaddas for the pleasure of Moses (Hazrat Mussa A.S). As a result, a brutal and wild group of the army was formed. When the religious enthusiasm is on its peak and blood is to be seen in the eyes then the troops become violent and wild. The Historians of Christian also called the crusaders as wild and violent. And then the first crusade started.

In this crusade, Christians occupied Bait-Al-Muqaddas which was in the hands of the Seljuk Muslims. In 1173 CE, after the death of Nur-ad-Din,  Sultan Salah-ad-Din Ayyubi became the commander and leader of the Muslims. These were the beautiful sayings of the brave warrior,

“I don’t know either Islam spread through sword or through honesty. But I know that Islam is protected through swords”

And there is no doubt that this brave warrior had paid its sword for Islam. Once a Christian1024px Isle of Graia3 cropped crusader Reynald of Chatillon robbed a Muslim caravan which was going to Hajj during the treaty of Peace. He captured the whole caravan. One of the prisoners requested that you have promised with Muslims. Do not kill us. Reynald answered with an impudence that ask your Prophet to save you. When this news reached to Sultan Salah-ad-Din Ayyubi,  he got furious and decided to kill Reynald himself. This incident became the reason for the beginning of the Battle of Hattin. And when the crusaders denied to handover the caravan to Muslims, both the armies got ready for the war.

Battle of Hattin

Many thousands crusaders and knights camped near a lake and made strong entrench around them. When the Muslim army reached near to them, Sultan by seeing the war condition had decided that they would not fight in such a condition when enemies had strong entrench and near to water. Then Salah-ad-Din waited for his warrior trick that how to end the entrench of enemies and force them to move towards the Hattin Field, it would become easy to fight with them. Crusaders had a small fort near to them where they kept their women and children. So Sultan made mild attacks on this fort. So that enemies would leave their camps and will move towards their fort in order to protect it. And it happened so. When crusaders left their camps, the army of Sultan attacked. It was the time of evening prayer (Maghrib) and crusaders were far away from their entrench and water.

1024px Hattin map fr.svg

Sultan entered his troops between the crusaders’ army and the water. Due to the unavailability of food and water, crusaders were exhausted and they found no way to reach the water. As a result of this war,  Muslims found that slab which the Christians believed that Moses (Hazrat Mussa A.S) was hanged on.

800px Saladin and Guy

The Reynald was brought in front of Sultan and Sultan killed him and then history sees that after 90 years, Sultan stood in front of Bait-Al-Muqaddas and then crusaders decided that they would encounter for the protection of Bait-Al-Muqaddas. This siege lasts for six days and on the sixth day, the crusaders lost their courage. Sultan had decided to do the same brutality with them that the crusaders once had done on Muslims  90 years ago. But then this brave warrior controlled his anger and he declared mercy when crusaders asked for peace.

Today, the western world is forced to appreciate the character of Sultan. The terms for the “Peace Treaty” were,

All the crusaders and Christians of Bait-Al-Muqaddas were given shelter. And even it was allowed to all knights and crusaders to run away with all their wealth.

The pastors of Curch were permitted to take the wealth of the church with them.

Every women and Child was released on small redeem.