Watch Destan Episode 18 with English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost


Destan Episode 18 with English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost

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In Destan Episode 18, Batuga tells that that a trap had been set for his mother. Batuga tells that this trap was set by Vargi and Tai, but there is someone controlling them. Alpagu emerges from the secret tunnel with Batuga. Ece gives Vargi gold and asks him to escape from the palace. Alpagu orders Vargi and Tai to be arrested immediately. Vargi hides in barrels in a car with Tai and escapes from the palace. Alpagu soon falls asleep and dreams of Tilsim. Tilsim says Alpagu will always be alone.

A soldier of Colpan tells Alpagu everything that is going on and says this is Batuga’s plan. Alpagu arrests the traitors and returns to the palace. Saltuk and Colpan continue to talk in the forest. Gunseli talks to Batuga and tells him that everything will get better soon. Batuga calls Mei and tells her a bit about recent events. Batuga says that he has not told Khan what Mei did yet. Mei says Batuga cannot do anything.

Ece says that Tai knows nothing and that Vargi is a very loyal person. Alpagu begins to question the priest and asks him who set the trap for Tilsim. Tai says Balamir did everything and asks to be released. Alpagu tells Tai that he is the Chinese ambassador and that’s why he has to release him. Alpagu blinds Tai’s eyes with a hot iron. Ece goes to the dungeon and talks to Alpagu for a short time. Akkiz thinks it’s a trap, but Manco starts looking for his soldiers. Kuzu says that he came on the orders of Khan and kidnaps Alaca. Akkiz attacks to get her mother back but fails. Batuga asks Alpagu not to make an attack.

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Alpagu says Balamir will be punished for his actions. Batuga says he is trying to achieve lasting peace and asks Alpagu to leave the throne. Akkiz kicks Kircicek out of the tent and Batuga comes in the meantime. Akkiz gets angry with Batuga for going to the palace alone. Batuga tells that he will get new information about Akkiz’s mother soon. Batuga hugs Akkiz and calms her down. Ece wakes up Alpagu and offers to go on vacation. Alpagu says the situation of the country is very complicated.

Kun Ata says it’s too late for treatment, but he can try to break Batuga’s arm. Batuga accepts this treatment, but Akkiz objects to him. Batuga and Akkiz argue about this for a while. Kaya’s spy tells Khan about this meeting. Khan asks Balamir to go to this meeting and makes a plan. Kaya’s spy goes to Balamir’s tent that night and informs him of Batuga’s meeting. Kun Ata performs some treatments to fix Batuga’s arm but he can’t get a result.

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When Akkiz is about to approach the house in the market, Gunseli stops her and tells her that everything is a trap. Batuga starts the meeting and says that the Turks should live together in peace. Batuga fights and defeats a leader to prove he deserves to be Khan. Meanwhile, Balamir comes and tells that Batuga is a rebel. As Balamir is about to attack Batuga, Alpagu comes and shoots him with arrows. Alpagu kills Balamir and then Colpan. Alpagu says he will punish everyone who is against the state and then leaves.

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Destan Episode 18 English Subtitles HD 1080

Destan Episode 18 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080


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