Watch Destan Episode 22 with English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost


Destan Episode 22 with English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost

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In Destan Episode 22, Saltuk brings Sirma and Yaman to the palace. Akkiz is very happy to see her friends. Alaca hugs Akkiz and asks who Ece is. Danis says Khan wants to talk to Akkiz and Saltuk. Calayir greets the guests and takes them to the rooms. Ece learns that Khan will talk to Akkiz and asks Kaya what this conversation will be about. Kaya tells his mother that his father has made an important decision about the future of the state, but has not told anyone about it yet.

Khan says he forgives them and asks them to help the army. While Akkiz is about to object to this offer, Khan says it is an order. Ece secretly listens to this meeting and gets angry. Ece goes to her room and tells Alaca what happened. Alaca says she misses her sister and hugs Ece. Together with Colpan, Balamir visits all the fields near the city and pours lime powder there. Balamir says that when it rains, all the fields will be destroyed.

Calayir asks where Alaca is and starts looking for her. Gunseli sees Alaca leaving Ece’s room. Alaca says she was lost in the palace. Alpagu gives orders to prepare the army and says that this war decision should be kept secret. Khan says Akkiz and Temur will be Saltuk’s assistants. Khan tells Kaya that he is in charge of the treasury and asks him to buy supplies for the army. Balamir talks to a shepherd and buys his entire flock.

Mei tells Temur the location of the assassin who attacked Dag. Temur does not believe her at first and asks why she did this. Mei says that she wants to help Temur and that without him she will not be able to seize the throne. While Akkiz is telling Yaman and Sirma what happened at the meeting, Temur comes. Temur says the assassin is in the city and immediately sets out to catch him. Alaca immediately tells Ece this information she learned.

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Kuzu’s men attack Temur and Akkiz in a street. Meanwhile, Kuzu enters the house Mei told, but cannot find anyone there. Temur and Akkiz enter the house. Saltuk precedes everyone else and catches the man who attacked Dag for Colpan. Akkiz tells Batuga that she could not catch the assassin. Temur thinks Mei is lying and gets angry with her. Mei says everything she said is true. Gunseli sees Kaya talking to Ece secretly in a room and begins to listen to them.

Sirma says it is impossible for her to stay in the palace after all that has happened and wants to start looting again with Akkiz. Akkiz says she cannot leave Batuga and starts to cry for her friends. Batuga calms Akkiz and stays with her in the garden until morning. Kaya goes to his father’s room early in the morning and tells him that someone attacked the tax caravan coming from the silk road. Khan orders the person who did this to be found immediately. Ece blames Akkiz’s friends.

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Alpagu gives Batuga, Saltuk, and Akkiz one day to tell all the facts. Saltuk says they should not tell Khan that Colpan is alive. Batuga calms Saltuk down and tells Khan that he will not say anything. While trying to learn something from Batuga, Saltuk takes Alaca out of the room. Kaya starts to go through all the vendors in the city, one by one but learns that someone has already bought all the supplies. Saltuk secretly goes to talk to Colpan and asks her to leave the city.

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Destan Episode 22 English Subtitles HD 1080

Destan Episode 22 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080


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