Destan Season 2 Release Date | Destan Season 2 with English & Urdu Subtitles


Destan Season 2 Release Date | Destan Season 2 with English & Urdu Subtitles

Destan Season 1 Summary

In Destan Season 2, one of the most popular television series of the year, lasted 27 episodes. Destan, which tells the story of Akkiz and Batuga, became popular in a short time. Alpagu thought his wife was a traitor and executed her. Alpagu killed a lot of innocent people during this time at Dag. Akkiz waited for years to avenge her murdered father and then took action.

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Akkiz became famous as the claw of the two headed wolf and began to plunder Alpagu’s caravans. Batuga pretended to be mute to save his life, and Khan allowed him to stay in the palace. Great Ece made secret plans for Kaya to become the new Khan. Temur tried to help his father, but after he started to love Tutkun, he left the palace for a short time.

Batuga once again escaped from the palace and found Akkiz. Batuga said he would unite the Turks and tried to stop Balamir. Balamir stopped his rebellion and joined his brother’s army. After a long time, the Itbaraks returned and began to attack the Turks. After Batuga straightened his body, he attacked the Itbaraks.

The death of Saltuk changed Colpan’s idea and she started to work for the Khan. Thanks to his sons, Alpagu got rid of the danger of the Itbaraks. After Batuga returned to the palace, he married Akkiz and the celebrations began.

Destan Season 2 Release Date

The second season of the television series, whose first episode aired on November 27, is expected to air in September or November 2022. The producer company has not yet made any announcements or statements on its social media accounts. Also, the second season is expected to be longer than the first season (+30 Episodes). The new names to join the second season of Destan are still a surprise.


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