Good News about Bamsi Alp | Kurulus Osman Update


Good News about Bamsi Alp | Kurulus Osman Update

In the previous article about Kurulus Osman, we got the news about Kurulus Osman Series’ first episode date which was confirmed to be the 20th of November 2019 on Wednesday. We also got the news about Series’ rights which were also given to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Albania on the second day of Mipcom 2019. After this, it was cleared that the upcoming Kurulus Osman Series will be either dubbed or translated into five different languages officially including English, Urdu, Arabic, Russian and Spanish.

On the same day, the second official trailer of the Kurulus Osman Series was also released. Those who missed and didn’t watch yet can watch now.

Kurulus Osman Second Teaser with English Subtitles

News Update

Another big news has been revealed and it’s attractive especially for those who are fans of the Dirilis Ertugrul Series. In Dirilis Ertugrul Series, we saw three Alps who were like blood brothers and much close and loyal to Ertugrul Ghazi. The names of those three Alps are Dougan Alp, Turgut Alp, and Bamsi Alp. Dougan Alp died in the 4th season of the Dirilis Ertugrul Series. And we have already told you that Turgut Alp will also be in action in the upcoming season with Cengiz Coskun playing his role. To read more about Turgut Alp Click Here. So, there is big news for the fans of Bamsi Alp. Yes, Bamsi Alp will also be seen in action in the upcoming Kurulus Osman Series with Nurettin Sönmez playing his character exceptionally.

Latest News

Another charming news is that the upcoming series Kurulus Osman will continue attracting the attention of its audience for the long period of 7 years. Yes, its means Kurulus Osman Series will be on-aired on ATV Channel for the next 7 years. Also 7 years means, Kurulus Osman Series will be consisted of 7 seasons. So, get ready you all who are the fans of the Ottomans history. Kurulus Osman Series will cover the complete historical knowledge about the reign of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Osman Ghazi.

Bamsi Alp

He is a legendary character in Turkish history and has been found in many folk tales. His biography has been written in the book “Dede Korkut”. He was a kindhearted and a man who loves to live a jolly life. He was a great aggressive warrior. During his real life, he spent almost 16 years in the dungeon of the Byzantine Empire where a princess fell in love with her and also helped him to escape from there. It is not mentioned how long he lived and when he died but spent his time righteously. In Dirilis Ertugrul Series, Bamsi has been included just to pay tribute to this legendary character as he wasn’t having any connection with the Ertugrul. He is famous to fight with two swords. In the series, he married Hafsa Hatun and both gave birth to two children named Aybars and Aslihan. Now, Bamsi will be seen in Kurulus Osman Series and Nurettin Sönmez will continue playing his character.

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  1. I’m hoping I will be able to see the Dirilis: Osman series, with what I have seen so far here with the trailer with English subtitles…..I will be looking forward to watch this….so far I have only been able to see Ertugrul on either NetFlix or youtube….and I have become a big fan of the Ertugrul series….I’m hoping this series will be as great with the acting as the Ertugrul series has been…I am on my 3rd time around from the beginning and never tire from watching it….it is the only film which I have found that is worthwhile watching….HIGH 5 to all who made it such a great success.


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