Isimsizler Season 1 | The Nameless Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost


Isimsizler Season 1 | The Nameless Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Isimsizler Season 1

In Isimsizler Season 1, Fatih Keskin is a young diplomat. The murder of Orhan Yağız, the Governor of Virankaya, one of the important districts in the Southeast, as a result of a treacherous attack while preparing to go to his new place of duty changes his decision. Fatih gave up going to Switzerland and asks for the appointment of the martyred District Governor of Virankaya, Orhan Yağız. Although his superiors and family want to turn him away from this decision, they cannot succeed.

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In Isimsizler Season 1, While Fatih forms a team of 7 people in Virankaya, he tries both to fight terrorism and to solve the behind-the-scenes of the Governor’s assassination. Fatih Keskin chooses 7 brave men who will fight shoulder to shoulder with him in the fight against terrorism in the Southeast. In his dangerous journey with them, he undertakes a duty not only to fight terrorists, but also to solve international relations that organize terrorism. While doing this, his path crosses with the young Doctor Elif and Otto, one of the architects of the chaos in the region that does not leave his environment.

While the district governor reaches the first clues of the assassination, the terrorist organization is preparing for a major attack to take over the district on Fatih’s first day of duty. In this attack, the parallel structure agents, foreign intelligence and terrorist organization infiltrated into the state are arm in arm.

In Isimsizler Season 1, Uncle, who wants to turn the treacherous plans of the organization upside down as soon as possible, encourages the whole team on this issue. Murat, who has a hard time in the hands of the organization, tries to overcome them with the love of homeland. Olcay stating that they are ready to start the task with heart and soul to save Murat is determined not to return from this mission without taking his comrades.

In Isimsizler Season 1, The only goal of the nameless heroes is that they will either take their brothers and return on this path or they will march to martyrdom for this cause. Murat, on the other hand, confronts the secrets of his past one by one under severe torture. Will Murat be able to be saved from the organization? The backstage of the live bomb attack attempt will also be illuminated thanks to Murat’s research.

In Isimsizler Season 1, Sawer begins to gain momentum in playing his cards againstIsimsizler Season 1 District Governor Fatih. With the involvement of the prosecutor and the deputy chief of police, the job of Fatih and his team gets even more difficult. As if it was not enough to stop Fatih’s right and left arms, namely Ahmet and Olcay, a great conspiracy was set up for Fatih. But these nameless heroes, who will fight for the sake of the homeland at the cost of their lives, are not willing to go without cleansing the homeland from these traitors.

In Isimsizler Season 1, A tough struggle awaits them to deal a blow to these traitors by clearing the village that the terrorist organization declared self-government. Various traps and dozens of terrorists wait to stop this team. But even these fraudulent games will not be able to prevent the patriarch in question.

Fatih and his team are preparing for a cross-border operation. The team chooses the head of the organization as the first target in the operation they are preparing for this time. What plan will the team make when they want to defeat the traitors at an unexpected moment?

Conqueror, who grows more and more against the traitors day by day, realizes that Sawer, Afran and other treacherous terrorists must die and takes action. But Fatih and his team are waiting for surprises in this dangerous struggle. Is the road coming to an end for Sawer and Afran? Who will Fatih face in the region? What will happen during the conflict? Ahmet confronts Sinan and points his gun at him with great anger. What will Sinan do when he sees Ahmet in front of him? On the other hand, the prosecutor blowing cold winds between Fatih and Fatih is starting to make new plans. What is the prosecutor’s target? With whom will it cooperate? What measures will Fatih take against the prosecutor’s plans?

In Isimsizler Season 1, Uncle, who was knocked down by a treacherous bullet during an operation by Fatih and his team, scares everyone. Murat, who turns mad with the shooting of Uncle, carries him to the hospital with dear life. Uncle, who is hospitalized, comes face to face with death. Uncle’s family, whose condition is critical, is also devastated by this bad news. So what will happen to Uncle, who struggles to survive in the hospital? Will he be able to hold on to life again?

In Isimsizler Season 1, On the other hand, Fatih is putting himself at a new risk, hoping that Elif, who was killed in the previous episode, lives! The traitors are making a new plan to trap him and by sending a message to him from Elif’s phone, he is trying to put Fatih into his traps. Fatih, who could not hear from Elif for days, takes action with this message!

In the 13th and last episode of the season 1; With Fuat’s confessions, Fatih and Uncle, who unraveled the structure in the service, decide to take Fuat and go to Ankara to put them in a corner. Prosecutor Zeki, on the other hand, puts all his men into action to prevent this situation and causes the helicopter, which includes Fatih, to crash. What will Uncle and Fatih do?

In Isimsizler Season 1, On the other hand, everyone from Fatih’s team, especially Olcay, is being kidnapped one by one. These events, by whom it is not clear who were kidnapped, confuse everyone. The sudden death of the President leaves everyone with great surprise and sorrow. Upon the news of his death, Afran tries to escape from the traitors with all the information he has obtained. However, Gözcü learns that he has been a traitor sought within the organization for years. While Afran will be fully exposed, the move from Berfin changes all the balances.


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