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Kurulus Osman Episode 124 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 124, Allah is the Greatest! Stay away from the windows! There are archers everywhere! They surrounded this side too, Malhun Hatun. Everything is on fire! What are we going to do? Brother, we won’t be able to get out of the windows, they are everywhere. Then we will get out of the door! In the name of Allah! In the name of Allah! Come on Alaeddin! Come on Alaeddin, let’s find mother! We will get out, my girl. We will get out. In the name of Allah! Alaeddin! In the name of Allah! My son! Come, my girl. Come on son, do it! Son! Come on! Alaeddin, open the door! Alaeddin, with shields!

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In the name of Allah! Mother! Are you okay? We are okay. How is my sister? We are fine, the hatuns are at the divan, they need help. Come on sons, go! I will make you regret stepping inside my house and trying to harm my children! Alps! Put out the fire! Come on Huseyin. We will see who is stronger now! Come on! Come on alps, we are going to support Osman Bey. Alaeddin! Hatuns! Are you in there! ? Bayindir? Bayindir, come on! Step back, I will break the door. 

The infidels are everywhere, they want to burn down the mansion. But we will get out of here with the help of Allah, come on. Come on. Damn infidels! Come on! Come on hatuns! Come on. This is the battlefield Osman Bey. But you need to go to Yenisehir.  There is no one to protect them there. I won’t leave you alone here. Don’t worry about here I have it under control. Turgut. Osman Bey, if Yenisehir falls this battle we have here doesn’t mean anything. Come on Osman Bey. Come on. You’re right.

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If the mansion falls our honor will fall with it. Alps. We’re going to Yenisehir.  Come on. EyvAllah. Come on alps we won’t stop until we reach Yenisehir.  Come on. Come on. Don’t let them run away. Bala. Did they get out? Kill them all. No one leaves this place alive. Bala. Halime. Halime. Halime. Mother are you okay? Mother. Mother. Aunt in law. Bala. Protect Bala. Aunt in law. Are you okay mother? Bala. Esma. Alaeddin.  Orhan. Are you okay? -We’re okay.  -We’re okay. So you walked towards the fire? Come here. Come here. Come.

You’re going to burn alive. You will burn alive. Look at me. Get up. Get up.  Get up. Kneel. You attacked my home. . my hatuns and kids huh? Did you think you were going to leave alive? Your time is up. Malhun. Malhun. Osman. Are you okay? I am okay. My sons. Orhan, Alaeddin. We’re okay. Osman. . Halime and Bala. Keep walking! Move! Traitor. Osman! Bayindir helped us. I will deal with you later. Alps, put the fire out! Let’s go! My sons. Let’s go. -Let’s go! -Hurry up! Move! Move! Oh Shafi! Bring me my bag, Ulgen! We need to make an ointment.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 124 English Subtitles

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