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Kurulus Osman Episode 125 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 125, I see they tortured you badly. If you hadn’t come with those prisoner commanders, I wouldn’t have been able to leave there in one piece, Osman Bey. But you came, you came anyway. Didn’t you ever consider that if Nayman shot both of us there? If Nayman wanted such a thing, Beys wouldn’t let him do it. And our move was safe. InshaAllah, they will leave these lands soon. InshAllah. InshAllah. But we paid for it with our warriors. It’s our common destination, Osman Bey. Shahada is the most ranked position. May our warriors rest in heaven. Ameen, Ameen. Ameen.

Nayman will be your end, Osman! He will be your end! We will rip you and your family, Osman! You say so, huh? Come on! Free us and see! I’ll drink your sons’ blood! We’ll kill you! We’ll drink their blood! Osman! We’ll drink their blood! We’ll drink their blood! Are you going to train your sons now? Exactly. My Bey. Osman! Do you have the courage? Free me and see what I’ll do to you! We’ll rip you apart! Are we going to have the training, my Bey? Not training. You’ll have a battle. A rolling stone gathers no moss, sons. Once the intelligence has been handled, then, we’ll see.

Let’s go. Untie them! You have the stage now. You show no mercy to my nephews. I don’t. If I show mercy. then, they’ll have to ask for mercy. The enemy will not show them any mercy. EyvAllah. My Bey. Stop there. MashAllah. MashAllah. Take them away. Sons, that’s it. You need to look weak. And you need to encourage the enemy. And he’ll make a mistake. May you live long? May you live long? My Bey. You made us have trained even before hearing the news we brought from Bursa. So, the training is more important than Bursa, brother. Sons are more important than all the cities.

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Let’s see how skillful you are when you are weary. Tell me! Explain the situation in Bursa. Go there. Tekfur of Bursa, Valens Hadrath! Great God! Everyone beside me sends their regards. May your endless power. be with those who believe. Amen. Our blood runs for God. We live to kill enemies of Jesus. Welcome. What do we know? Nayman is from the Melgen tribe. It’s a tribe full of warriors. His father is a respected man. He has always been loyal. So. what makes Nayman different from his father? Nayman’s only loyal to himself. And his religion. That’s why Nayman rebelled against Gazanhan.

He got stronger. But. he always hid his true intention. Now he wants to destroy Gazan. If Gazanhan can’t see that, he deserves to be killed. We should let them kill each other. I can tell that. you’re the one who can’t see, Vasilyus. Nayman will come to us. If we don’t choose the right side. we’ll be crushed. What about Osman? He fought Nayman. That’s why he’ll come. He’ll want to side with us against Osman. We know everything about Osman’s past. What about his future? Do we know what he’ll do, Tekfur Valens? We don’t need to. Osman won’t have a future. Bursa is under my command.

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Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Episodes with English Subtitles in 1080 Resolution only on MultiPoint TV. Kurulus Osman Episode 125 release date is 10th May 2023.

Kurulus Osman Episode 125 English Subtitles

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