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Kurulus Osman Episode 127 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 127, You want to dethrone Sultan Alaeddin because he supports me. Having you stand in my way shows that I am on the path of the Haqq! I will allow you to die on the Haqq’s path! Stop! Nayman! Why? Bursa Palace. While we lived peacefully in Bursa, our enemies are making their moves. Osman is trying to enthrone Mesud in Konya, who supports him! Sir, Osman’s dream is in vain. Konya is in Gazan Khan’s protection. He can’t do that. That’s right, Commander Faustus. Exactly.

The biggest mistake that can be done is to underestimate the enemy. Osman is thinking what you are thinking. A force from Tabriz is going to Konya right now. Don’t. . . Don’t fall into despair. And answer me. Are you ready to spill blood? We can hardly keep our swords sheathed, Tekfur Valens. Today, we will attack them from all sides. While Osman is not here we will destroy all of his supporters. Who are we sending to hell, Tekfur Hadrath? The ones that live in the tribes.

You will go to Kizilbey tribe. You will destroy Cavuldur tribe. And you will destroy Demirhan and Uraz. Commander Faustus you will come with me. We will destroy Osman’s biggest army together. Rip mercy out of your hearts today! These shepherds have wives who are warriors. The children hold grudges. When they grow up they’ll go after revenge. And the old ones are wise and experienced. Have no mercy! Leave no one alive! Today, you won’t have mercy! You won’t take any captives! Come on! Osman. . . Bayindir and Mesut.

This treason can’t be dealt with quietly. Waste of time. I rule over my people Nayman. For this treason to not happen again I will kill them all to remove any threats. I will skin him alive. They made a move. And they messed it all up. I will hang their corpses and leave them in Konya for weeks. Of course, if Sultan Hadarth allows it. Why uncle? Why? Is this how much you want the throne? What throne are you talking about Alaeddin? The only thing I was trying to stop was your alliance with Nayman. And you, Osman Bey? Is this your tore?

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Take them. Until Osman is executed no one will enter Konya, Dentu. We have Osman in a cage. He will die soon. Why are you sad now Commander Nayman? We put him in a cage but we will still be cautious. Until Osman dies both East and West should be in the palm of my hand. You’ll protect the East Tendu. Gazan Khan might make a move to weaken his powers in Konya. If he does we’ll destroy them before they make it to Konya. Come on. Celali you know your place right? I do Sultan.

That’s why you lived this long. That’s why you served Konya all your life. One who knows their place lives a long time. But Osman didn’t know it at all. Mother Sultan excuse me but why didn’t we kill him then? Unfortunately, Osman has a name for himself among the Turkmen. If he doesn’t die next to Mesut his treachery can’t be proved. That’s why it won’t be a quiet death. It will be shown to everyone. It will be so that even his dead body is known for his treachery. Soldiers.

Celali. There’s a man. He won’t die an easy death. Until my anger cools down you won’t be stopping Celali. First of all, I made mistakes now I’ve fallen on the right path. Your forgiving me has no meaning or value whatsoever. Let Allah forgive this sinner. While I was planning so many tricks you were with me. But since you were against me during just one of them you think of yourself as righteous Bayindir? No. . . Not all those that look for it can find it but those who did find it had to look for it.

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Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Episodes with English Subtitles in 1080 Resolution only on MultiPoint TV. Kurulus Osman Episode 127 release date is 24th May 2023.

Kurulus Osman Episode 127 English Subtitles

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