Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 91 (Season 3 Episode 27) English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free


Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 91 (Season 3 Episode 27) English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free

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Kurulus Osman Episode 91 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 91, Osman goes to Inegol castle with his sons. Osman says that they will conquer Inegol first and then Bursa. Osman says that he will establish a great state soon and asks his sons questions. Osman then sets out with his sons and enters a tunnel. When Orhan and Aladdin come out of the tunnel, they see people preparing for war. Osman says that all the soldiers here are preparing to seize Inegol and goes to talk to Davut.

Aygul examines the rugs that will be sold soon and says she will send them. Bala sees that Selcan is still controlling things and asks her to rest. Selcan says she is happy to see Ertugrul’s tribe grow so much. Osman rides alone for a while and then prays to Allah. Cerkutay later finds Osman and tells him that many soldiers are guarding the caravan. Nikola later meets with a few Lords and talks to them. Osman starts to wait by the side of the road with his soldiers.

Justinyanus tries to calm Kosses. Nikola says that he will kill Osman and all his relatives at this wedding. Osman seizes the caravan in a short time but does not kill Simon. Osman says he knows that the caravan carries swords and frees Simon to tell Nikola what happened here. Orhan sees a girl chased by Byzantine soldiers in the forest. Orhan attacks when the Byzantine soldiers are about to catch this girl.

Selcan asks who this girl is. Orhan tells his mother that he found this girl in the forest and that they rescued him from the Byzantine soldiers. Bala asks this girl questions but cannot make her talk. Basileus learns that his daughter has been kidnapped by the Turks and is very angry. Osman comes to his tent with Sheikh and asks who this girl is. Holofira begins to speak and says she is Basileus’ stepdaughter. Holofira says that her father tried to force her to marry Justinyanus.

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Arius says that Nikola and Barkin are stronger now. Simon arrives as Arius says Barkin will control Sogut. Simon says that Osman attacked the caravan and seized the ammunition. Kosses talks to Justinyanus about Rogatus and the wedding. Justinyanus asks Kosses not to come to the wedding. Sheikh tells what a Muslim should do in Ramadan. That night, the commander of Justinyanus goes to the tribe and asks Osman to deliver Holofira. Osman says he will not give this innocent girl and sends the commander back.

Osman realizes Justinyanus’ plan and thanks Kosses. Barkin meets Arius in the forest the next day and asks him what he is doing. Barkin says he has the power to take Sogut. Arius asks Barkin to tell everything Osman did. Osman tells his family that the wedding in the castle is a trap. Gunduz and Bala ask Osman not to go to this castle. Osman says that he will deliver Holofira to her father and that he will go to this wedding.

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Barkin starts looking for new men for his army and asks a blacksmith to make swords. Orhan is upset that Holofira has left the tribe. Bala tries to calm Orhan down and prepares to go to the castle. Aladdin talks to his brother and tells him that they have to go to Sogut. Osman goes to the secret headquarters where they are making war preparations and tells his soldiers what to do in the castle. Aladdin and Orhan go to Sheikh’s shop. Aladdin asks his grandfather to rest.

Kurulus Osman Episodio 91 Subtitulado en Espanol

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Kurulus Osman Episode 91 (Season 3 Episode 27) with English, Urdu & Spanish Subtitles

Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Episode 91 English Subtitles (Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 27), Kurulus Osman Episode 91 Urdu Subtitles & Kurulus Osman Episodio 91 Subtitulado en Espanol Free of Cost. Kurulus Osman episode 91 trailer with English & Urdu Subtitles is also available here. Kurulus Osman Episode 91 release date is 20th April 2022. Kurulus Osman episode 91 will be on-air on ATV Channel in Turkish. The live streaming of Kurulus Osman episode 91 in Turkish can be achieved by Clicking Here. Those who can understand Turkish will be able to watch Kurulus Osman episode 91 even later by Clicking Here but ATV Youtube channel uploads the episode later.

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