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Kurulus Osman Overview

Dirilis Ertugrul provided a firm base for the foundation of the Ottoman Empire. Ertugrul ghazi fought with valor against the Barbarians to safeguard his Kayi Tribe. His son Osman Ghazi put his efforts into reality. He followed his father and thus became the founder of the Ottoman Empire. He kept on expanding its territories. By the end of his reign, the whole world was overwhelmed by the power of the Ottomans. All the great empires of Balkans (Europe) and other areas started doubting their existence.

Latest Update about Kurulus Osman

As we have shared first of all the Dirilis Ertugrul Series links with English subtitles. After a great response to the audience regarding Dirilis Ertugrul, a new series with name Kurulus Osman (Establishments of Osman or Founder Osman) is now going to rule the film industry of the whole world. So here we are going to tell you about the great news about the incoming series. Yes! “Kurulus Osman’s First Episode’s date is confirmed. First Episode of Kurulus Osman is coming with full zest on Wednesday, 20th November 2019 with Burak Ozcivit as Osman Ghazi with the main role.

So, keep visiting this website for the links regarding its English Subtitles. We will update soon for the English Subtitles of this trailer. Please keep visiting this website for the First Episode of the great TV Series Kurulus Osman.

Another good news for the fans of these series. Now the incoming series will not only be on-aired in Turkish but also in other languages officially as well. In his recent social update, Burak Ozcivit said that on the second day of mipcom 2019, Albania, Afghanistan, and PakistanTV’s got the rights to show these series in their official languages. So this time, Kurulus Osman will be translated into five languages English, Urdu, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish also. It has broken all the previous records of show rating.

News regarding Turgut and Bamsi is not confirmed yet as it is prevailing that Turgut will not be included in Kurulus Osman but Bamsi will yet be seen in the coming series. It is also not confirmed yet, who will be playing his character. On the release of the second trailer, which will be the first trailer of the episode one, many secrets will be revealed. So keep visiting our website for all the latest news regarding TV Series.


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