Watch Kuşlarla Yolculuk English Subtitles (The Journey with the Birds) Full Season


Watch Kuşlarla Yolculuk English Subtitles (The Journey with the Birds) Full Season


Kuşlarla Yolculuk (The Journey with the Birds) Series is based on the book of Farid ad-Din Attar which is known as Mantiq al-tayr (The conference of the birds). Kuşlarla Yolculuk Series is consisting of 30 episodes. Farid ad-Din Attar was a Persian who born in 1145 CE and buried in Persia after his death in 1220 CE. Farid ad-Din Attar worked in his father’s pharmacy shop during his childhood and then started traveling, mainly in the middle east. Farid ad-Din Attar has written poems on religious topics throughout his life. The poems written by Attar bear the effects of the Islamic Sufism movement. The most famous work of Farid ad-Din Attar is Mantiq al-tayr. Mantiq al-tayr begins with compliments to Islam and the Prophet.

The subject of this work: hoopoe, dove, pigeon, parrot, partridge, nightingale, peacock, turtle dove, and hawk species start talking to each other. These birds talk about the fact that every country has a Padishah (king) and talk about having a ruler in their birds. Hoopoe begins to speak and mentions that the king of birds is a bird named Simurgh. But Simurgh lives far, far away. All the birds listen to Hoopoe and prepare to hit the road under his leadership. This road is long and very difficult. Other birds start giving up one by one, but Hoopoe convinces them.

The birds continue to advance. Hoopoe tells them that they have to go through seven valleys to reach Simurgh. These valleys are; quest, love, knowledge, detachment, unity, wonderment, and poverty. Thousands of birds begin to advance in these valleys. Some birds get sick, some hunted by other animals. Finally, thirty birds reach where Simurg is and they understand that they are Simurgh himself. Farid Ud-Din Attar’s book is full of symbols and messages with lots of advice.

Then the traveler tells a story about a mosque and affects another dervish Fazil. This dervish admires the knowledge of the mosque and is impressed, and one day, when he writes what Sheikh said to him, he decides that he wants to write a book about the Sultan and work for him. Meanwhile, the clerk of the Sultan comes to the lodge and tells Sheikh that Fazil must work in the palace for a while. Fazil cannot resist this offer and goes to the palace. Fazil now begins to live in the palace. Fazil’s story is compared to a hawk standing in a cage. Fazil works with all his might in the palace and does everything to rise further. The test of Fazil in the palace will not be easy.

One day, the traveler who came to the lodge speaks about horses and tells a story about Hazrat Ali’s horse. Bahri listens to this story and begins to think his horse is too fast. Bahri’s exam is told in the goose and turtle dove sections. The next story is the owl episode. Dervish Enes listens to the entertainment venues narrated by the traveler and wants to see them. When Enes goes to the city, he cannot hold himself and enters one of these entertainment venues. Here, all kinds of evil happen to Enes, but it is too late for him now.

The continuation of the series is inspired by the valleys in Attar’s book. The traveler begins to live in the lodge and experiences events inspired by these seven valleys. The events and exams that take place in the lodge deeply affect the traveler’s life. One day, Sheikh gets sick and the dervishes realize that he will die. Sheikh says that before he dies, one has to find himself before he can reach the truth.

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