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Finally Good News about Dirilis Osman (Dirilis Ertugrul Season 6)

Dirilis Ertugrul

Click Here Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Season 1 All Episodes with English, Urdu and Bangla Subtitles. Dirilis Ertugrul season, which was on-aired on TRT1 TV Channel, is ended with Zeal. It has been renowned as one of the best TV series in the Turkish language and famous in the world with English subtitle. Engine Altan portrayed “Dirilis Ertugrul” and Esra Bilgic portrayed “Halime Hatun” as his spouse and they performed these characters as they were righteous of. The season completely explained the true story of the origin of the Ottoman Empire that how it was originated from a small tribe named ‘Kayi”. It also tells us about the life of the great man Ertugrul, who was the leader of the famous Kayi Tribe and converted it into an empire.

Click Here Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Season 1 All Episodes with English, Urdu and Bangla Subtitles

Ertugrul provided a firm base for the foundation of the Ottoman Empire. He fought with valor against the Barbarians and served his tribe the most. Because of his efforts, his son named Osman Ghazi became the founder of the Ottoman Empire. He spread Islamic civilization to those areas, he conquered. At the end of his reign, the area of the Ottoman Empire was 16,000 sqkm.

Click Here Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Season 1 All Episodes with English, Urdu and Bangla Subtitles

Dirilis Ertugrul has 5 five seasons with 150 episodes, one of longest TV series and still with good ranking in the whole world. People don’t get bored while watching the long episodes, thanks to Mehmet Bozdag (Producer). Many channels are doing it’s English Subtitles, one of them is Multipoint Tv, who is also working on it’s Urdu Subtitles.

Dirilis Osman

So, are you curious to move to the next step? Yes! Your wait is over now. It is the news that Dirilis Osman Series starting from November 2019 with Burak Ozcivit as Osman Ghazi in the main role. Recently Tweeted by producer Mehmet Bozdag that

“Our series will be displayed at ATV ‘Diriliş Osman’. I hope that our new channel and our new season will be instrumental for good.”

It is heard from the news that Burak Ozcivit made deal with Mehmet Bozdag for 5 years to work only on Dirilis Osman and this TV series will have 5 Season as well.

Latest News

Another charming news is that the upcoming series Kurulus Osman will continue attracting the attention of its audience for the long period of 7 years. Yes, its means Kurulus Osman Series will be on-aired on ATV Channel for the next 7 years. Also 7 years means, Kurulus Osman Series will be consisted of 7 seasons. So, get ready you all who are the fans of the Ottomans history. Kurulus Osman Series will cover the complete historical knowledge about the reign of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Osman Ghazi.

Click Here Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Season 1 All Episodes with English, Urdu and Bangla Subtitles

The celebrities who will be performing on the screen in the new coming season Dirilis Osman are:

Actors in Dirilis Osman Series

Burak Ozcivit

Burak Ozcivit is a famous Turkish actor and model who took the second prize in the competition,” Best Model of The World”, won the competition of the male models “Best Model of Turkey”, and also had his photographs taken for covers of modern magazines “Marie Claire” and “Gloria Magazine”. Burak Ozcivit acting career began with the television series Eksi 18. He has played extraordinary roles in many series and movies like Zoraki Koca, Ihanet, Baba Ocagi, Musallat, Kucuk Sirlar, Ask Sana Benzer, etc. Ozcivit is also the producer of BRK’s Production. Wish him good luck in the coming Dirilis Osman season.

Cengiz Coskun

Cengiz Coskun is a famous Turkish actor, who was born on 29th April 1982 CE in Istanbul, Turkey. He made his professional acting debut on the 2005 TV series Windy Garden. He is known for his performance as Giovanni Giustiniani in the action film Conquest 1453. He also portrayed Turgut Alp on the popular TV series Dirilis Ertugrul from 2104-2017. This role has majorly boosted his popularity. Now he will also be seen in the same role in the enw coming Dirilis Osman season.

Cemre Gumeli

Cemre Gumeli is a famous Turkish actress who was born in Istanbul, Turkey. She is 28 years old. She is active in this industry from 2013. She is famous for “Tatli Intikam”  English: “Sweet Revenge” in 2016. She has played an extraordinary role in “Don’t Let Go of My Hand (2018)” and “Servet (2018)” also. Wish her good luck in the coming Dirilis Osman season.

Click Here for watching Kurulus Osman All Episodes with English Subtitles

Ragip Savas

Ragip Savas was born on 24th October 1966 in Izmit, Turkey. He is famous for his role in Ambush (2007), Where’s Firuze (2004), and Ya Sonra (2011). Now the news is prevailing that he will be portraying Dundar Bey in the new coming Dirilis Osman season.

Funda Botanlik

Funda Bostanlik is a famous Turkish actress who was born in Germany in 1987. She has played extraordinary roles in Cinayet-i-Ask (2017), Tek Umit – Einzeige Hoffnung (2014) and 300 Worte Duetsch (2013). Wish her good luck in the coming Dirilis Osman season.

Erkan Petekkaya

Erkan Petekkaya is (born 11 December 1970) is a famous Turkish actor. He started his acting career in 1998 from TV shows like Guzul Gunler and Aynali Tahir. He has starred in several drama series like Beyaz Gelincik (White Popies) (2005-2007), Sessiz Firitna (Silent Storm) (2007-2008), Oyle Bir Gecer Zaman Ki (“As time Goes By”) (2010-2012), Dila Hanim (2012-2014) and Paramparca (Broken Pieces) (2014-2017). He has received many awards for all these series. Wish him good luck in the coming Dirilis Osman season.

Ipek Tuzcuoglu

Ipek Tuzcuoglu is a famous Turkish actress who was born in 1971 in Izmir, Turkey. She is known for Gule Gule (2000), Dark Spells (2004) and Duruye’nin Gugumleri (2010). Wish her good luck in the coming Dirilis Osman season.

Click Here for watching Kurulus Osman All Episodes with English Subtitles

Veysei Diker

Veysei Diker is a famous Turkish actor who was born in 1967 in Turkey. He is known for Vuslat (2019), Turks in Space (2006) and Avrupa Yakasi (2004). Wish him good luck in the coming Dirilis Osman season.

Batin Deniz Ucan

Batin Deniz Ucan is a very famous Turkish actor known for Deliler (2018), Payitahit Abdulhamid (2017) and Filinta (2014). Wish him good luck in the coming Dirilis Osman season.

Hasal Subasi

Hasal Subasi is a famous Turkish actress known for Halka (2019), Bir Umut Yeter (2018) and Adini sen koy (2016). She is also a beauty pageant contestant who participated in Miss Supernational 2015. Wish her good luck in the coming Dirilis Osman season.

Deniz Cakir

A very talented and most beautiful actress was born in 1981 in Ankara, Turkey. She made her television debut with the series Kadin Istere (2004). She is best known for her role as Ferhunde in the popular television series Yaprak Dokumu (2006-2009). She has been starred in numerus TV series and among the most famous actresses of Turkey. Wish her good luck in the coming Dirilis Osman season.

Click Here for watching Kurulus Osman All Episodes with English Subtitles

Ozge Yagiz

Ozge yagiz ia a famous Turkish actress known for her role in Adini Sen Koy (2016) and Yemin (2019). Now she will also be seen in the coming Dirilis Osman season.

Eskam Akar

She is very famous actress known for Tek Yurek (2019), Avlu (2018), and 4N1K (2018). Now she will also be seen in the coming Dirilis Osman season.

Click Here for watching Kurulus Osman All Episodes with English Subtitles

Aysegul Gunay

Aysegul Gunay, a famous Turkish actress known for her roles in Yer Gok Ask (2010), Sumela’nin Sifresi (2011), and Keybollan Yillar (2006). Now it is the news that she will be acting as the wife of Dundar Bey (Ertugrul’ Brother). She will be Osman’s aunt. Its interesting to know that her name is derived from the Turkish word for poison.

So it is confirmed that Dirilis Osman (Kurulus Osman) is coming soon on a new TV channel, ATV with the same Producer and Writer, so we hope it will be one of the best series as Dirilis Ertugrul.

Click Here for watching Kurulus Osman All Episodes with English Subtitles

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  1. I would like to know why Ertugrul is not in the new season . In terms of history, was he not alive at that point in time? I have seen a trailer with Ertugrul, much advannced in age forming part of the new season. Very sad if Ertugrul is not part of Season 5 as Season 5 ended with Ertugrul still quite young, very much active and with a lot of issues still lying ahead of him, his beys and alps to conquer. Very happy to see Turgut still in season 5, well he has to be as, historically, he outlived Osman. But where is my Bamsi, veryyyy sad not seeing him also 🙁
    In my opinion I think Ertugrul, Bamsi and the leading characters in Season 5 should at least have had closure in the new season otherwise it would seem that things will just hang in the air and importantly also that justice will not be done to those excellent characters whom we all love so very much!

    • what a lovely TV series, i am so delighted and i am must confessed that this movie made fall in LOVE with Turkey and its cultures – I really look forward to seeing season 6.

      This series is a reflection of great turkish warriors that fought for a cause, and most importantly their contribution to the spread of ISLAM as well, Erthrugul Bamsi, Turgut, Artuk Bey, all of this folks are so amazing a character .. May Allah continue bless the producer and director of this Movie ( Drills Osman) . the movie has helped me learn the Turkish language , thank you drills Osman, May Allah bless you more.


    • Absolutely true what you mentioned above… It was all my suggestion am a small person but very much found of this Series and upcoming episodes Of Ottoman Empire now only concern is Ertugrul and his Alps should be in at least for the season five and need to portray his complete ending.

    • You make very good points ???? I am hoping that the producers, take your points seriously. I would like to see Bamsi in season 6 ???? also. I understand that it is a lot of work,on horse back riding through the woods all day 5 days out of the week. NETFLIX USA.

  2. Yes absolutely I agree with you Fadiela they have to put the leading characters from dirilis ertugrul into dirilis Osman or else it won’t be sense. Also engin altan is so handsome

  3. Wt? Seriously no ertugrul, I am not watching. All the way from Canada I’m messaging if there is no ertugrul nobody going to see, that’s for sure.

    • Even in the true history, Ertugrul the great leader died in 1281, and after him, His son Osman founded and struggles for the Ottoman Empire. It will also be a great show. Don’t miss it 🙂

      • hi Uzair Akram,

        is season 6 out already, because i am so desperately tasty to watch season if, as i really want to also see how Osman ruled after his father even though i have been studying and researching a lot about the Turkish history and its empire ..

        I really look forward to seeing season 6.

  4. Sorry… I agree with Fadiela… just seeing the actor that will be portraying Osman makes me lose interest…. He does not fit the rugged,fighting, honorable role that is Osman…. Hoping for a great season but not expecting one….. Thank you for the series Ertugral… it was the best ever!!

    • Burak is a great actor and will do justice to the character he’s portraying. No role can be described as perfect but if any actor would come close to perfecting the character of Usman Ghazi I believe it’d be Burak. No one outside Turkey knew Altan before his successful portrayal of Ertugrul but now he’s famous, I expect the same will be the case with Burak.

  5. From Brisbane Australia; Fantastic series Ertugrul,almost finished series5 via Netflix,having fun replaying some scenes because we missed a word in the English subtitles,worth it for such a great series,now want to learn Turkish.

  6. From Richmond, Virginia USA. Have really enjoyed all 5 seasons of Ertugrul resurrection. Enjoyed the fact that it is based on Turkish history and I have learned alot about Islam. The show has peaked my interest to learn more about both. I would be disappointed if the new season 6, Series Osman stops following the storyline by omitting several key characters. Please keep all the characters intact as your history points out that they lived long lives.

    • Farrah from New York. I totally agree with all who said Ertugrul should be included in Season 6. Having lived a long life, he was obviously around for a number of years when Osman played his part in history. Come on Mr. Producer, take a poll from your Ertugrul fans, and get him on Season 6.

  7. Alex, de Brasil
    Parabéns a todos os turcos e islâmicos pela linda história e aos produtores por nos presentear com a magnífica série Dirilis Ertugrul, assistida aqui pela Netflix.
    Estamos ansiosos pela série Osman, mas gostaríamos muito de ver o elenco principal também!

    Alex from Brazil
    Congratulations to all Turks and Islamists for their beautiful history and to the producers for presenting us with the magnificent Dirilis Ertugrul series, watched here by Netflix.
    We’re looking forward to the Osman series, but we’d love to see the main cast too!

  8. I have really enjoyed watching Ertugrul series. I am looking forward to watching Osman. Please include original characters at part of the first episodes so people can see what happens to the characters.

  9. Nobody will do justice in the eye of people as Ertugrul as this actor so Ian sorry we have the right to know what’s happened to him as I love Islamic history you should bring him at least first season

  10. ADRIANA CHADUD – BRASIL – Adorei a série. Assisti todos os episódios das 5 temporadas e já estou ansiosa esperando a 6ª temporada. Muito bem produzida a série. Posso dizer que foi a melhor série que assisti. Parabéns ao diretor e a toda equipe.

    ADRIANA CHADUD – BRAZIL – I loved the series. I watched all the episodes of the 5 seasons and I’m already looking forward to the 6th season. Very well produced the series. I can say it was the best series I watched. Congratulations to the director and the entire team.

  11. Maravilhosa essa série. Ansiosa esperando a 6ª Temporada. Produção excelente e equipe muito boa também.

    Wonderful this series. Looking forward to Season 6. Excellent production and very good staff too.

  12. Sally, Cambridgeshire, England

    Binged watched all the Episodes over a 4 month period – gripping, thrilling, the fight scenes are the best I have ever seen. Love the Turkish history (was a complete ignorant) and have been educated about Islam faith. Well done to all the actors, actresses and Director for the best Netflix series ever.

  13. Karly, USA……I love history…..I am watching Dirilis: Ertugrul for the 3rd time around from the beginning. I never tire from this series. Fact is, I have become a big fan of the Ertugrul series, plus I also love the music and the Arabian horses in it as well, especially 2 of the horses, one which Ertugrul rode and the other with a white spot on his lower right front leg, he also has 2 white stockings on opposite legs. It is the only decent film that I have found worthwhile watching anywhere within any media into today’s society.
    But, if Ertugrul will not be here for the next season, then it will leave a large gap or void, not only into the rest of the story, but also to follow….and for some reason, I know there was more to this story than watching Ertugrul heading into battle with all his Alps and other soldiers, but which also only leaves more questions into the history with Ertugrul’s sons….What happened to Osman and his other brothers growing up after Ertugrul left for battle..??? Where did they go or did they become Alps as well or maybe chose another path…besides many other issues facing them within the other States, territories, etc, or other rulers, countries, etc. Did they meet anyone they truly loved, etc…????
    Because of wars, and since much of history has also been lost over the ages, especially within the Middle Ages with any one person, it becomes somewhat a mystery, and especially with those who did what was righteous and in keeping the faith, there is only a fraction of what may be told, mostly due to loss of writings and/or only word of mouth, which I know many cultures had done so in order to keep their history and families together as much as possible during these hardships, and then being handed down from one generation to another.
    I for one remember reading about Osman and the Ottoman Empire from previous history classes which were taught to me as a very young child, all thanks to a teacher who thought history was very important and in learning about all culture and races of people around the world, and I thank God she did, and which I am thoroughly grateful for that teacher in doing so…..I am glad to have had that opportunity to learn more about history, because it has spurred an interest into history that may have otherwise gone astray into oblivion.

  14. I also would like to add, Dirilis: Etrugrul series is for me is one of the best films I have seen in a long time, involving Faith, Courage, Freedom, Justice, and Family, having a strong story, great actors/actresses, writers and directors which helped in bringing Ertugrul to life. The weapons, sword fighting and Turgut with his axe all took a great deal of coordination, timing and lots of practice to make it all possible….HIGH 5 to all, may Allah/God bless everyone…..and may Dirilis: Osman also follow in Ertugrul’s path.

  15. I am Zimbabwean lady who knows nothing about any other religion except Chritianity but watching Ertugrul made me fall in love with Islam and all other different religions ,I learnt a lot from it even about life itself,it was like a prayer to me ,I am patiently waiting for season 6 with Ertugrul in it please Mr Producer…..

  16. No Ertugrul !!!! I am not watching
    I watch these series every day
    I am so addicted to it ,
    I watch atleast 20 a day
    It’s cold in Uk
    So the best thing ever watching Ertugrul.
    Plz add him
    Bamsi halemi

  17. Plz bring Ertugrul in all series
    Also say Aprox what year for reference
    And maybe a tiny clip of what happened to his other brothers and sheljun

    • Don’t worry, Ertugrul is also coming in Kurulus Osman season in next episodes, he will come back from Konya and join them.

        • In his recent interview in the last week, he clearly said that i haven’t any contract yet nor he says about the future, but may be its a surprise for all.

  18. All I’m saying is this show made me fall inlove with its history and culture . I used to not watch movies or series with english subtitles but this show hooked me from the first episode till the last. Ertugrul ,turgut , bamsi ,Artuk bay , halime and mother haym they are my all time favorite . So ya i finished it a few days ago on netflix and “men did i cry” it was very hart to say goodbye. Because now i see in season 6 ertugrul isn’t featuring that on its self just made me not wanna watch. Atleast after halime died in season 4 it was still worth watching but now!! I’m very sceptical. #allthewayfromsouthafrica.

  19. I agree with Fadiela, must hace Ertugrul by no means. Such a great character, his presence , voice, everything!! Really I loved him!Trugut and Bamsi, Artuk Bey, a must. Such lovely characters too. My beautiful Artogli, I loved to see him with Ertugrul riding along. Such lovely scenes, really enjoyed them. Really anxious for the next serie.

  20. I truly agree with some of the comments above. Watching Ertugrul is like writing a letter, you can’t just end one paragraph without giving supporting details for the next paragraph. The conclusion of Season 5 is what supports Season 6, meaning that all of the main characters should be carried over into season 6 as a continuation of what Ertugrul started and was trying to accomplish for the Turkish Empire.
    With that being said: Season 5 was great and I’m looking forward to watch season 6 and hope that it is just as good as Ertugrul or even better….


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