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People from the whole world are fans of Cengiz Coskun who portrayed Turgut Alp in the overwhelming series of Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul. They are fans of Turgut Alp because of his legendary fights with his most famous axe. After the series has been completed, people are searching for Cengiz Coskun in a new role. First they were expecting that Cengiz Coskun will continue his role of Turgut Alp in the coming season “Kurulus Osman” whose first episode will be on-air today on ATV Channel, but it’s not confirmed yet. Cengiz Coskun is not available for “Kurulus Osman” right now and might be seen in action in the same role as Turgut Alp in the successive episodes.

The reason why Cengiz Coskun is not available right now has been revealed. Yes, there is good news for the fans of Cengiz Coskun portraying as Turgut Alp that Cengiz Coskun is now going to play as Sultan Alp Arsalan, the second Sultan of the Seljuk Empire, in the upcoming movie “Malazgirt 1071 The Apocalypse of Byzantium”.

Bilal Kalyoncu is the Director and Producer of this upcoming movie. Bilal Kalyoncu says that a budget of 10 million TL has been spent on this movie which will be released in February 2020. The shooting of the upcoming movie is continued in Konya started on 17 October 2019. A lot of scenes have been shot on the real locations of the Battle of Manzikert. The major actors of “Malazgirt 1071 The Apocalypse of Byzantium” are Vildan Atasever, Cengiz Coskun, Haluk Piyes, Asela Demir, and Caner Kurtaran.

Cengiz Coskun as Sultan Alp Arsalan

Cengiz Coskun (portrayed Turgut Alp) will be playing the leading role of the second ruler of Seljuk Empire, Sultan Alp Arsalan, in “Malazgirt 1071 The Apocalypse of Byzantium” movie. Cengiz Coskun said in an interview,

“Bilal Kalyoncu is very happy to work with me and I always love to work in action movies. I have got enough training of sword or axe fighting and horse riding in my previous project of Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul. I love to work with full potential to leave quality films for the future generations and I will continue to do so until my health permits.”

Vildan Atasever as Aka Khatun

Vildan Atasever will be playing the leading role of the Queen Aka Khatun in “Malazgirt 1071 The Apocalypse of Byzantium” movie. Vildan Atasever said in an interview,

Read about the history of Sultan Alp Arsalan

“I am here working as the Queen of the set on a valuable story of the Battle of Mazikert. It is very interesting to shoot in real locations instead of a plateau. While playing this role, I do not wish to live in that period as I am living happily but psychology, human spirit, and humanity don’t change with the passage of time. We have wondered the history with our strengthened feelings for our nation.”

Caner Kurtaran as Romanos IV Diogenes

Caner Kurtaran will be playing the leading role of the opponent of Sultan Alp Arsalan, the Byzantine Emperor Romanos IV Diogenes in “Malazgirt 1071 The Apocalypse of Byzantium” movie. Caner Kurtaran said in an interview,

Battle of Manzikert | Historic Defeat of the Byzantine Empire by the Seljuk Empire

“I am here working as the Romanian Diogenes on a valuable story of the Battle of Mazikert. It is very exciting to shoot on the real locations instead of a plateau. It’s also interesting that a Turk plays a Romanian. Romania has a tough attitude towards the Turks and I expect that I will not be lynched. I think the people will understand my role, either I can’t go out for some months or I have to take protection while going out (he said while laughing).

Haluk Piyes as Afshin Bey

Haluk Piyes will be playing the role of Afshin Bey in “Malazgirt 1071 The Apocalypse of Byzantium” movie. Haluk Piyes says in an interview about the movie,

Origin & History of the Seljuk Empire

“It’s very enjoyable to have a historical project and more exciting to have a true story. So it also a huge responsibility for us and I am playing the first major intelligence in history, Afshin Bey. It is very pleasant to feel my horse which is only compatible with me as it doesn’t love anyone else. Sword fighting and arrow training was the best part of my acting. Our team is doing our best and the rest is dependent on the audience.”

Malazgirt 1071 Movie with English Subtitles

Malazgirt 1071 Movie with Urdu Subtitles

Asela Demir as Valeria

Asela Demir will be portraying a character named “Valeria” on the Byzantine side in “Malazgirt 1071 The Apocalypse of Byzantium” movie. Asela said in an interview about the movie,

“Konya is a city, most important for the whole world, full of historical and natural places. These riches of the city can be watched in this movie. People here are very hospitable. Our whole team is very loving and sincere and I love to work with them.”

Also, there is news that the characters of Artuk Bey and Kutalmisoglu Suleyman will also be seen in the movie but it’s not confirmed yet that who are playing these roles. So, are you ready to see all these most famous characters in the upcoming movie? Audience expectations are too high especially for Cengiz Coskun portraying Sultan Alp Arsalan. We wish best of luck to all these celebrities.


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