News about Turgut alp & Gunalp | Dirilis Osman


News about Turgut alp & Gunalp | Dirilis Osman

The people who have watched Resurrection Ertugrul are waiting for Dirilis Osman impatiently. We always bring you the latest news about TV shows. So today we brought three (3) news about Dirilis Osman. One is the bad news and others are good news. So let’s talk about the good news First.
Fans of Dirilis Ertugrul must be familiar with Gunalp character, he appeared in season 4. This character is portrayed by Engin Öztürk. He is a very fine actor and played his role very well. So he will be the part of Dirilis Osman.
In the story of Dirilis Ertugrul, Gunalp was loyal to his state and considered Sa’d al-Din Köpek like his father but he was unaware of his dog’s nature. Later on, he had known everything. furthermore, he also captured Karacahisar Castle.

Another good news is that shooting of a great historical movie is going to start. The movie is based on the history of Seljuk Sultan. Sultan Alp Arslan is the great warrior and who fought the battle of Manzikert and defeated the large army of Byzantines. Turgut Alp of Dirilis Ertugrul will play the role of Sultan Alp Arslan.

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So get ready for the bad news. It is about the most loving character of Dirilis Osman and people are fan of him due to his fight with an axe. Yes, you are right, it is about Turgut alp. This character portrayed by Cengiz Coskun (Portrayed Turgut Alp). He recently signed a movie that is based on one of the famous Sultan of the Seljuk Empire. He will play the character of Sultan alp Arslan, who defeated the Byzantine Empire and opened the door for Oguz Turks in Anatolia. So Turgut alp has to leave Dirilis Osman in halfway and start work on shooting on the movie. so we will see him in Dirilis Osman in a few episodes, let see how the director of Dirilis Osman fills this huge gap.

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