Origin & History of the Seljuk Empire


Origin & History of the Seljuk Empire

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After the elimination of Abbasid Caliphate, the Kingdom who centered the whole Muslim world was the kingdom of Seljuk. How Seljuk’s originated?  And how a modest nation living like nomads established their empire on a very large part of the world. For this,  we have to move back towards the Fourth century. Moving back to the past, if we look from the edge of Caspian Sea of Khawarzm and then from Khawarzm to Khurada and at the area of Dahestan, a nation of nomadic would be seen.

It is to be said that these people were once inhibited in between the large mountain valley of Turkestan and China. Later on, these people went to Turkestan and settled there. This nation seemed to be unaware of the civilization. Their profession was to raise sheep, goats, and horses. These people were racially Turks while Arabians called them Oghuz. When these tribes move out of the mountain valley and settled in the regions of Turkestan then a person named Bainu was ruling there. While, the leadership of Oghuz Kinik Tribe was in the hands of a brave man, Toqaq. GOD had not just gifted him with the qualities of valor and braveness, rather he was very intelligent and judgmental. His opinion infrequent matters proved very true. Because of his such attributes, he was very dear to Bainu.

In those days, a son was born to Duqaq, which was named as Seljuk. After his name, their nation was called as Seljuk. Seljuk was given high training since the beginning. Because of his close relationships with the Royal family, he had skills in all prevailing arts of battles. When he stepped into his young age, his father Duqaq passed away. Seljuk has the qualities of wisdom and bravery. That’s why Bainu gave him the status of his close Advisor. The increasing authority of Seljuk and Bainu’s kindness towards him is said to be the beginning of a new era.

The king of Turkestan, Bainu was receiving tax from Seljuk’s. When Seljuk’s embraced Islam then they denied giving taxes to Bainu. As a reaction, the king sent his army to fight against them. Seljuk’s fought with bravery and defeated the army of Bainu. From this incident, the side forces speculated that it is not too easy to defeat Seljuk’s.

In 382 AH accordingly with 992 AD, the king of Turkestan, Shahab-ul-Doulah Haroon bin Suleiman, who was famous for the name of Baghra Khan attacked the river of Mavran of Sassanian Empire. Seljuk’s helped Sassanians against them and fought with valor and defeated his army. Baghra Khan’s domain was widely vast. Such a powerful ruler had to face the defeat from Seljuk’s.

After this war, Seljuk died at the age of 108. Seljuk had 5 sons whose names were Mikail, Arslan Israel, Yunus, Nehal, and Musa. GOD gave Mikail two sons. One was Chaghri Beg Daud while the name of other son was Tughril Beg Muhammad. When Tighril Beg was born? History seemed unable to tell this. However, it is considered that he was born in between the time of 380 AH to 385 AH. Tughril Beg was just underage when his father Mikail died in a war. When he stepped into his young age, his grandfather Seljuk had passed away. After his death, Seljuk Turks considered Chaghri Beg, (the brother of Tughril Beg) as their leader.

How Turghil Beg was called as the king of the East and West and then his successor Alp Arslan fought against the Byzantines Empire? So, here a good news for our readers. We are going to post about the life of the great rulers soon. We will also tell you about the history of each sultan of the Seljuk Empire. In the next article, we will tell you about the life of great leader Tughril Beg who gathered and united the whole Muslim world. the above picture describes the origin of this Empire, we will discuss all in next articles

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