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Theodor Herzl | Founder of the Zionism

During the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II, the last Sultan and Caliph of the Ottoman Empire who postponed the demise of the Ottoman Empire with his unending efforts, a revolt appeared in the form of Theodor Herzl. Theodor Herzl was a Jewish. He was an Austrian journalist and writer who is known to be the Father of the modern Zionism. He organized a Zionist Foundation to promote the immigration of Jewish People to Palestine to form a Jewish state Israel. He couldn’t see the establishment of the state and died but yet he is called the father of the State of Israel.


Theodor Herzl was born in Budapest, Hungary on 2nd May 1860 CE. He belonged to a secular Jewish family. Originally they were Serbians. His father, Jakob Herzl was a famous businessman. After the death of his sister in 1878 CE, they moved to Vienna. He studied Law at the University of Vienna and then started his legal career there. On 25th June 1889 CE, he married Julie Naschauer who was the daughter of a wealthy businessman in Vienna. In spite of the unhappy marriage, they gave birth to three children Hans, Margaritha (Trude), and Paulina.

Zionism Movement

He was of the opinion that the Jewish should have a separate state in the Land of Palestine which is a Holy land and called as the Land of Prophets. He wrote many books and papers which were published and he started getting attraction from the whole Jewish World. In February 1896 CE, his book “Der Judenstaat” (The Jewish State) was published and following its publication, he started the Zionist Movement with the objective to encourage the Jewish immigration to Palestine which was under the Ottomans control. In 1897 CE, his book Der Judenstaat was translated in English as “The Jewish State” in London. Zionism movement started expanding rapidly.

On 16th June 1896, Herzl got an opportunity in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire. He attempted to meet with Sultan Abdulhamid II with the help of Count Philip Michael who had political contacts in the Ottoman Court. His aim was to present the solution of a Jewish state to Sultan. He didn’t succeed but met with Grand Vizier and other highly placed individuals who received him as a journalist. He gave his proposal to the Grand Vizier that the Jews would pay the Ottoman’s foreign debt and restore its financial value in exchange for Palestine as a Jewish homeland.

On 17th May 1901 CE, Herzl met with Sultan Abdulhamid II and repeated the same proposal but the Great Sultan refused to give access to the Zionists to Palestine. He replied with these famous words;

He opposed Zionism and Jewish settlement in Palestine openly. Zionist were upset by all these efforts of the Sultan. They made an alliance with Great Britain and European Capitalists. They were seeing the solution to bring down Sultan Abdulhamid II. They used the Armenian crisis as propaganda against him. In the continuation of this propaganda, they made an assassination attempt while Sultan Abdulhamid II was coming out of the Hamidiye Mosque on 21st July 1905 CE. They were calling him as “Tyrant”, “oppressor”, and “Dictator”. They demanded him to dethrone and hanged.  In all these activities, either Theodor was playing a leading role or the consequences of his movement.


In spite of all these tricks and propaganda, he couldn’t even see the rejection of the Uganda Plan. He died of the heart attack on 3rd July 1904 CE in Austria. The story wasn’t ended yet. His wife Julie Naschauer, who was the daughter of a wealthy businessman died of poverty. His daughter Paulina was a drug addict. She died of the heroin overdose in 1930 at the age of 40. His only son Hans shot himself down (committed suicide) on his sister’s funeral at the age of 39. Theodor’s daughter Margaritha Trude died of hunger in a Nazi Camp. His grandchild and Margaritha’s son Stephen Theodor Norman also committed suicide in 1946.

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