Watch Rise of the Empires : Ottoman, Season 1 Free of Cost

Watch Rise of the Empires : Ottoman, Season 1 Free of Cost

Watch Rise of the Empires : Ottoman, Season 1 Free of Cost

Rise of Empires: Ottoman, Season 1 Review

Murad II sends his son Mehmet to Amasya for training. Then Murad II comes back to the capital and takes the throne back from his son. This angers Mehmet, but he has nothing to do. Sultan Murad surrounds Constantinople but fails as a result of these three months. Receiving the news of his father’s death, Shehzade (Prince) Mehmet immediately leaves Manisa and sets off. Shehzade Mehmet meets with Sadrazam (Grand Vizier) Halil Pasha, who arrives in Edirne (Adrianople). Mara Ana (Mara Brankovic) is his closest supporter. Mehmet the Conqueror comes to the throne but needs great success to prove his strength and authority. The fact that there are people who do not trust him around the Sultan Mehmet activates his enemies.

Romans want to use Shehzade Osman against the Ottoman Empire. In response, Sultan Mehmet decides to build a fortress on the European side of Istanbul to cut aid from the Black Sea to Byzantium. These cannons will be the largest cannons ever made in world history. But Constantine XI does not stay idle at this time and brings Genoese mercenary Giovanni Giustiniani Longo and his army to Constantinople. Janissaries were the foundation of Sultan Mehmet’s army, and this great army started moving towards Constantinople in March 1453. The Ottoman army reached Constantinople on April 2, that is, on Easter day. According to Hadith, “The Islamic state will surely conquer Constantinople. What a great commander who conquered it. What a beautiful army of that state’s army. ” This hadith is very important and sacred for Sultan Mehmet.

On April 6, Sultan Mehmet sent a peace offer to Emperor Constantine for the last time, but Emperor Constantine did not accept this merciful offer. The Ottoman Empire has a strong fleet but this fleet does not provide any benefit as it cannot enter the Golden Horn. Ottoman admiral Suleiman Baltoghlu took the task of stopping the upcoming Italian ships. Four Christian ships enter the Sea of Marmara. Meanwhile, the soldiers of Sultan Mehmet dig tunnels under the walls. They try to demolish the walls using these tunnels. Under the leadership of Scottish John Grant, the soldiers dug tunnels inside the city, preventing the progress of the Ottoman tunnels. The Ottoman fleet started to shoot Italian ships with firearms and a fire started on the ships.

But Italian ships come side by side and resist to prevent Ottoman soldiers from getting on their ships. The wind in the sea helps Italian ships and four Italian ships enter the Golden Horn at the last minute. 140 Ottoman ships cannot stop four Italian ships and Sultan Mehmet summons Baltoghlu with him. Baltoghlu is forgiven when Halil Pasha intervenes at the last minute. Loukas Notaras sneaks out of the walls and talks to Candarli Halil Pasha. Loukas Notaras says that Sultan Mehmet must accept defeat or it is only a matter of time before the united Christian army arrives. While Sultan Mehmet is thinking one night, he finds a way to get the Ottoman ships into the Golden Horn and tells it to Zaganos Pasha the next day. Sultan Mehmet wants to carry the navy over land.

After this attack, Giustiniani has to retreat and severely injured Giustiniani leaves the battlefield. Seeing Giustiniani is gone, the soldiers are depressed and the defense line is broken. Janissaries cross the walls and enter the city. Constantinople fell on May 29, Mehmet the Conqueror enters the city. Sultan Mehmet goes straight to Hagia Sophia. Lord Loukas is captured and brought in front of Sultan Mehmet. Loukas wants to give Sultan a gift, but Sultan does not accept it. Lord Loukas says that his intention is good and that he has already spoken to Candarli Halil Pasha about peace. Sultan Mehmet calls Halil Pasha and talks to him. Then he sends Halil Pasha to next to Lord Loukas. Mara comes to the Sultan Mehmet and says that he has the red apple now.

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