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Who was Sadettin Kopek (Dirilis Ertugrul Character)

Sa’ad al-Din Kopek was a famous character of Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul who consistently hindered Ertugrul and was a competitor and opponent of the Ertugurl Ghazi. In the season, he has been shown struggling for achieving full control of the empire. His character in Dirilis Ertugrul is played by Murat Garipağaoğlu. In this article, I have collected his true history and ALLAH knows the best.

Sa’ad al-Din Kopek, also known as Sadettin Kopek or full name Sa’ad al-Din Kopek bin Muhammad was an important administrator in the Seljuk court who served two Seljuk Sultans. No information is available about his early life. Sa’ad al-Din Kopek entered in service in the reign of Sultan Alaeddin Kaykubad I. He was the military commander at that time as it is mentioned about his campaign of Eyyubiler. Later, he achieved the rank of Minister of Works and Hunt under Sultan Alaeddin Kaykqubad I. In spite of these, he was also an architect as Kubadabad Palace on the shore of Lake Beyşehir was constructed under his supervision. He also constructed a famous caravanserai Zazadin Han, which is known as a famous historical place today.

After the death of Alaeddin Kayqubad I in 1237 CE, Sadettin Kopek continue to serve his successor Gıyaseddin Kaykhusraw II. Also, there was a Seljuk’s Civil war for the accession to the throne between the sons of Kayqubad I. Sadettin Kopek supported his son Kaykhusraw II. Sadettin executed all of his brothers and their mother, who was an Ayyubid Princess, also. During his reign, Sadettin’s influence increased considerably and he became the most loyal and close to the Seljuk Sultan Kaykhuraw II. Because of having power, he started executing those who would create hindrance in his intentions to have control of the empire. In 1238 CE, Sadettin Kopek conquered Samsat Castle and some others also which were under the control of Eyyubiler.

The history tells that Sadettin Kopek also blamed Kaykhuraw II to be an illegitimate child of himself by claiming Sehnaz Hatun I, the mother of Kaykhusraw II, his own illegitimate wife. Infact he claimed to be the Sultan of the Seljuk Empire with this reason. Kaykhusraw II was worried of all this situation and he sent ordered his most trustworthy slaves to execute or eliminate Sadettin Kopek. So in 1239 CE, Hüsameddin Karaca tried to execute Kopek but he survived the attack but yet got a sword blow. Being wounded, Kopek came to the Sultan’s winery where he was executed by his men. His body was kept in an iron cage and hung in the palace.

Zazadin Han

As I mentioned earlier, Sadettin Kopek also built a caravanserai known as Zazadin Han, 20 km from Konya on the road to Aksaray. There is another way to reach Zazadin is Konya-Ankara road outside Kavacık village. Zazadin Han is a famous historical place in Turkey. The reasons behind its fame are its off-axis entrance, its two inscriptions, the spolia stones in its walls, the striped portal, and the notoriety of the patron and architect (Sadettin Kopek). One of the inscriptions on the caravanserai bears the name Köpek as founder (1235-36 CE) and the other one indicates the patronage of both Kayqubad I and Kaykhusraw II.

The first inscription is proof that the main door covered section was built by Sadettin Kopek in the reign of Alaeddin Kayqubad I and the second is the proof that the courtyard section was built in the reign of his son, Kaykhusraw II.  Zazadin Han was named after Sadettin Kopek and was not much famous because of Zencirli Han which has lost now and Zazadin Han took the way. The inscription on the main door covered section is written in the Seljuk style calligraphy “nashki” which reads as follows:

The other inscription on the courtyard section is written in Arabic with the same calligraphy as:

Zazadin Han was closed for the restoration purpose in September 2017 and reopened for the visitors from August 2019. So, what you are waiting for? If you want to know complete information about its design, parts, sections, etc, then Click Here. And if you are interested to know about the people reviews and also about conveyance, schedule, meals, stay, and travel guide etc, then Click Here.

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